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It is wonderful to be with nature. And, in contrast, it is a cheerless life to be away from nature. No modern urban lifestyle comfort can match with the life that is enjoyed by farmers and village dwellers for whom nature is first thing they greet while starting the day and last thing they find company with when they retire for a calm good night sleep.

Yet it is possible to live with nature even for the city residents, even for those who happen to live in highly congested atmosphere.

The answer for this lies in Share Seeds, a gift shop functioning with the novel concept of ‘Gift Seeds on Special Occasions’.

  1. Wedding Seeds Return Gift
  2. Seeds Return Gift
  3. Return Gift
  4. Small Pot Kit
  5. Small Pot Gift
  6. Small Pot Kit 8 cms
  7. Two Small Pot Kit
  8. Vegetable Kit
  9. Baby Shower Return Gift

we work hard and make our country green

You're looking for hybrids, heirlooms, organics, or open-pollinated varieties, for large plots, small spaces, or containers, we have something special, and delicious

Tree Planting

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Planting Flowers

Plantation For Future Growth

We pride ourselves on not just carrying a great variety of plants, but on making sure the plants we offer will thrive in our geographic area.

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Wedding Seeds Return Gifts


Two Small Pot Kit

Vegetable Kit

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Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own

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